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Find your true strength.
No gym required.

Build functional strength and get lean with
Activ5: a fun, accessible way to break past
your fitness barriers.

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Now You Can Build Strength Anywhere
In A Few Minutes A Day

Now You Can Build Strength Anywhere
In A Few Minutes A Day

Teach your muscles to fire together

Build true strength through simple exercises that challenge people of all fitness levels.

Track your progress for real gains

Gauge your strength, then let Activ5 progressively, and safely adapt your workouts for optimal intensity.

Never miss a workout, wherever you are

All you need is a little space, 5 minutes, and your phone or tablet. Compact and convenient.

Can your workout routine
pass the Activ5 test?

It takes 5 minutes, 3 times a day. It gives
you real-time feedback. And it fits in your

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a simple, accessible way to
build functional strength and flexibility

If you’ve done a plank, you’ve done isometrics: they’re static presses, pulls, and holds that anyone can do.
Isometrics build strength through your full range of motion— when they’re targeted and adapted to your fitness level.
Activ5 coaches you, so you can target every muscle and apply the optimal amount of effort.
30 day money-back Guarantee

If Activ5 isn’t building strength and keeping you engaged, return it for a full refund.

Free 1-year device warranty

No extra charges here. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we’ll replace it.

Lifetime updates

We’re constantly adding new workouts and features for a more fun, streamlined experience.

Find your strength,
5 minutes at a time

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Get everything you need to start building real strength in a few minutes a day:
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- With more than 100 exercises
Whether you're looking to build strength, or recover from an injury, this is the ideal way to get started. It's easy to use while you watch TV, or take it with you wherever you like.