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4.6 / 5

2020 Reviews


Way more fun than i was expecting!

I sort of bought this on a whim because I travel a lot and wanted to see how it could help for when I'm on the airplane, car, hotels, etc. But, surprisingly, I find myself using it all the time now. And, they have some pretty cool games that you can play if you don't want to feel like your working out.

I actually was sharing it with a coworker this week and it turned into a full-fledged competition to see who could get a better score on the game apps. No joke, 2 hours later we were all pretty spent and felt like we had a serious workout even though it felt more like we were just playing around. This thing - and the apps they connect to - are super fun!

I just bought another one for my mom too because she likes non-weight training exercise and this thing is perfect for that.

Dan B

Great for regular gym goers too!

I received my Activ5 a few weeks ago and I have been using it regularly at work, home and when travelling. I try to make it in to the gym at least two to three times per week but this is a great supplemental way to get a quick workout in when I can't get to the gym. I recommend this for individuals looking to maintain strength while balancing the demands of work and life. The games are entertaining and the workouts are approachable but challenging. It's working out muscle groups I have neglected before!


Wow big bang in a small package!!!!

Love this. I needed something to keep me fit while I am rehabbing a sports hernia and sprained shoulder. This does it with no chance of me getting the temptation of lift heavier. Surprisingly a good challenge.


I’ve been trying to get myself into the gym for over 20 years. It has never worked. I saw this in an Apple store and I tried it and I immediately fell in love. It makes working out just a little bit more like playing a game. It tracks everything you do and gives you instant feedback and you can do these exercises anywhere at anytime. Another great bonus is you only need to spend five minutes at a time. Ideally five minutes three times a day will turn you into a rockstar! The whole thing looks sort of gimmicky, but I felt the burn after the first 15 seconds.


Well made, lots of exercise variety, & simple to use.

What an amazing device! I am just getting started with it but the amount & variety of exercises that comes with the app is great. You can’t get bored. It takes up no room & goes from beginners to advanced. Even has exercises for the kids and elderly. I’m impressed. Well made also.


Love the idea. I use it the office on every conference call. Feels good to get your metabolism going while sitting in your chair on endless calls...


Initial opinion

I work at home and travel. I have a low fitness level and a persistent knee injury. I frequently find myself sitting all day, especially if it’s cold outside, which exacerbates my knee pain. I’ve been looking for portable options to add quick activities to my day.

There weren’t a lot of helpful reviews on this product, but the concept was intriguing and the product seems to be evolving, so I was willing to try it. I hope more people add reviews as I’m curious to hear about long term use experiences.

Combined with a jump rope routine, this little gadget seems to be doing its job. I find the app easy to navigate. You can now click through to each exercise without touching the phone. The graphics give you something to focus on and makes things a little more interesting. I’m hoping, going forward, they develop the gaming aspect.

Overall, 2 days in, I’m happy with the purchase. I’ll update if I have a significant change in opinion.


It's ok to be skeptical, BUT do yourself a favor and try it!

I'm a very critical shopper, especially when it comes to technology & new gadgets. This probably wouldn't have passed by me as another "get fit quick" scheme... but THANKFULLY a buddy of mine had one and let me try it out. WOW. After 10 minutes I was sweating harder than I would after an hour at the gym. These days, I don't really have time to drive to the gym for an hour, so this couldn't be more perfect. Give this little gadget a chance and you will love it. They also have a 30 day guarantee, but I'm very confident that you won't even consider giving it up.


-No more packed gym sessions

-Variety of exercises

-Happy wife, happy life


-Wife says I no longer have any excuses to skip my daily workout =(

בני דה שוורצמן

This is one of the best fitness apps out there... it’s easy enough to workout and provide you with a great fitness exercise, I’m really enjoying my workouts. The only thing that is missing is the option to brag about my results on the social media, I would love to show my Facebook friends how many pounds I’ve lifted during the week :)


Harder than it looks

Wow....this was tough. I use this to compete against my husband and kids. You’ll be surprised at how this device works and the workout you get.


Honestly was very skeptical of the entire concept because of past “get fit quick” schemes, but gave it a shot based on someone’s recommendation. WOW. It literally feels like I’ve been at the gym for an hour after finishing my reps in about 15 mins. My favorite part is the fact that it shows your progress and that you’re ACTUALLY getting stronger. Highly recommend this app to anyone looking to take on a healthier lifestyle with little time available to them.


Quite literally a gym in a box!

I bought my device several months ago at the Apple Store when it was first released. I bought it mainly on a lark thinking it would be fun to play with. Well I was right! It is fun to play with. Active Body developed some games that use the Activ5 as a controller... pretty clever, and fun.

First and foremost in my mind is the portability. This small palm-sized device can be carried anywhere. I don't have to wander down to the fitness center at the hotel anymore. I can work out in my room in my skivvies! The workouts are predefined and well illustrated in the software. The software presents the exercises (challenges) in themes tracks and lengths. For example "Watching TV" or "At the office" or can target specific regions like "core" and "upper body".

This thing turned out to be so effective for me that I carry it to work and when I travel. It's pretty effective at relieving stresses of the day with just a little exercise, or game. So what I bought on a lark turned out to be pretty indispensable.

Is it perfect? No. One issue I have with it is I sometimes have trouble figuring out how to hold the unit. This was mostly when it was new, and experience has helped my find "my style". The illustrations in the software are good for positioning but sometimes vague as to orientation. (Again experience will help with this.)

Another concern I have is the battery cover. It is designed such that you snap off the whole one side (pad) of the device to get to the AA battery slot. I worry about longevity of the plastic snaps (as with other products) but considering one AA battery lasts up to a year I don't imagine this will get a lot of use. All in all, for the price and convenience, I have noticed improvement in my posture and general strength. Being so small I carry it nearly everywhere and that alone encourages me to exercise (play) more than I normally would.


It's been over a yr, sad to say I hardly used this thing. It is a good product but I realized I prefer walking and doing cardio. Whenever I did use it, trust me I felt like I did HIIT, but I like to really move around. If you hate exercising and moving, but want the benefits of moving them give this a try.

Smart Blonde

I'm sure it fits the needs of some people

Shortly after I received this, I joined my local Y. I REALLY like the camaraderie of classes with other people, or the solitude of walking in nature. I rarely travel and I'm retired, so using it while traveling or at the office don't apply to me.

The item itself worked fine with no glitches, but it just wasn't for me.


Love it! So Small.

So far I am loving this little device. I like the fact that is is small and can easily be taken with you and or as a travel item. The app is also functional, which is so important because so many apps that come with devices like this don't work (I have a Google Pixel 2xl). The app pairs wonderfully, and I had no issues with the Bluetooth.


Fun and motivating for technophiles

I love this! There are 5 single player and one multiplayer games on the Google Play Store that make it extra fun. Some are lot harder than others. The exercises are great, the measuring your strength is great. There's a whole pile of different exercises that you can unlock it seems like an endless amount of exercise possibilities you would not get bored with. Really looking forward to advancing through all the different gaming apps and through the coaching that's built into the main app . All in all this is a unit that I will use every day, no matter where I go. Now I want to get another one so my daughter and I can sumo wrestle LOL. It's the multiplayer app I can't play unless I have a second unit.

I'm Hooked and already in my back and arms are sore

Ronald S. Moening

Very convenient

This is a very convenient way to get some muscle training. You can do some of the exercises while sitting in your easy chair. It would also be great for traveling as, again, many exercises could be done in your airplane seat, as a passenger in a vehicle, or in your hotel room.

Ana Cox

It ended up being really fun and a good workout

When I first saw an Activ5 video I was not convinced it would be a workout. But I decided to try it because I am always looking for a new way to workout at my office. It ended up being really fun and a good workout! It has so many different exercises to try from arms, abs, chest. etc.. The next morning after trying it my arms and chest were sore. I also enjoyed playing the Activ5 games with coworkers and it became a contest on who could get the most points. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and easy way to workout at work during lunch or after hours.

Michael A. Behr

A fun toy! But is it really “exercise?”

This is way more fun than I had expected, but I’m not sure how good the actual workout is. I definitely don’t break a sweat, and haven’t felt like I am building muscle. It’s probably better than nothing at all, but at his point I just view it as a fun toy, almost like some sort of meditation. I really enjoy the muscle control aspect: Activ5 did a really good job of gamifying the device.

Big Dawgs Fam

Awesome workout device

This is perfect for everyone, you workout at your own pace and the Activ5 device and app will keep you motivated. Its a pretty awesome device, I have done these exercises before without the Activ5 and I just kept count, it wasn't very effective. This app shows so many more exercises I would never have thought of, and keeps monitor of your progress with goal markers per exercise. I did the upper body exercise in the car while waiting in the parking lot for the kid to get out, I did exercise #1 and #2 at 3 reps each, I got my heart rate up and the time went by really fast. The first 2 upper body exercises can be done inside the car which is nice.

I can't say enough good things about this, I am impressed!

Darlaina Dancer

Does Much More Than Expected and Better Durable Equipment Than Anticipated

This stands up over time like a good equipment investment and is amazing how many muscles you can address with it. The app is very useful and I suggest you download it to see all the amazing things this device can help your strength and fitness.


Very useful

I have loved having this to use while I am working at my desk for long hours. Any reminder to keep moving is valuable but this also helps remind me to make worthwhile motions, more than bouncing around to the music in my head while sitting on my pilates ball. I do try to have fun.

The worst thing that can happen is to walk off with it and not remember where you put it down. I was just going to do 5 minutes on it.


Innovative product

I have been using the programs on this device for 3 months. You can pick from a variety of workouts and set your own time frame. Truly gives you fitness anywhere. I have been emphasizing my arms and shoulders and have added strength and tone. Compact and easy to use. Highly recommend.

Secret Shopper1

Wow! 30 seconds seems easy at first but I started shaking about 10 seconds in. Very challenging and makes working out fun and convenient!


Two stars

Not what I was looking for.


It delivers as advertised. Great product!

This is a wonderful product! I purchased one from the company directly about 2 weeks ago, but when I saw it is sold here on Amazon, I purchased one for my wife as well. This is perfect for the on-the-go traveler/business person who doesn't always have time to hit the gym, or in my wife's case, a stay at home mom who doesn't have time or opportunity to hit the gym. I made use of it on the plane on my last trip and found that it actually reduced my symptoms of jet lag (seriously). No, it's not going to result in someone losing 200 pounds overnight, but I can tell that if used like they recommend, it will make a difference in my overall health, physical tone, and muscle strength. After only 2 weeks of using it, I do feel more toned. Love that I can use it with my iPhone and really enjoy the user interface. Easy to pack, carry, and store. Price is right, and extremely durable. In all honesty, likely to be my go-to for Christmas gifts and stocking-stuffers this year!


I heard about Activ5 from a friend, I’m glad I did! The Activ5 device is easy to connect to my iPhone with the fitness app. The prearranged workouts cover virtually every body part, and require on 2.5 to 5 minutes of time. The exercises have really helped me strengthen my target muscles, I feel and look more fit. The app clearly walks you through each exercise, each exercise has a simple game like experience that keeps your attention, and you can easily listen to music from your favorite streaming service while doing it. This is so easy to follow, I keep my device on my night stand so I can easily work out when I wake up or before bed.

I highly recommend the device! Looking forward to when they add leaderboards and community so I can have fun with my friends:)

Stuff Lover

Great isometric tool

Great isometric tool. I have let it go, but will get back to it. Only ssue is UI was hard to see on phone, but otherwise, it's fine. Good, easy workout.

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